MOLLE Pouches

MOLLE Pouches

We stock the finest quality and nothing less than the best is acceptable. Hence why we stock Odin  and Dragon kit. We work with these suppliers - so please let us know if your requiring a different product which is not listed on our website. 

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Close Quarter (CQ) 2.0 MOLLE Magazine Pouch 5.56mm

These Close Quarter MOLLE Magazine Pouch's have been adapted and designed to fit onto the shooters b..

Ex Tax: £20.00

Dragon Commanders Panel

Here is the dragon Supplies commanders panel, Presented in genuine Multicam Material that is tough a..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Dragon Dump Pouch

Multicam designed Roll up dump pouch that attaches easily using the straps that will loop through th..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Dragon MOLLE Classic Utility Pouch

This is the popular tried and heavily tested classic airborne utility pouch, which has proven a clas..

Ex Tax: £29.13
Dragon Molle Commanders Pouch SOLD OUT

Dragon Molle Commanders Pouch

This is the Dragon MOLLE Commander Pouch in Multicam. This is the well known versatile pouch wi..

Ex Tax: £37.46

LUMINAE - PRR Radio Pouch Multicam

This is the PRR (Personal Role Radio) designed to attach to your plate carrier, cummerbund or belt!T..

Ex Tax: £19.17

Multi Terrain Pattern Shooters Belt

This is a UKOM'S Multicam Shooters belt that is made with precision to ensure that every detail does..

Ex Tax: £70.83

Mystery Ranch - SOCOM Water Bottle Pocket

The mystery ranch water bottle pocket accommodates most bottles or sundries. Mount perfectly to your..

Ex Tax: £41.67

Odin 'BOLVERK' Utility Pouch

We will just get right to it! This is a fab new Pouch designed by the best and as ever shows fantast..

Ex Tax: £29.17

Odin 'FREKI' Long Horizontal Pouch

The 'FREKI' pouch is designed to be a long horizontal utility pouch. Made to fit onto your plat..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Odin 'JOTUNN' Utility Pouch

Designed to fit onto your daysack, Bergan an even onto your vest to almost act as a backpack without..

Ex Tax: £58.33

Odin 9mm Pistol Mag Pouch

This can be used not only for one 9mm magazine, but can also hold other essential items such as torc..

Ex Tax: £13.75

Odin Commanders FORINGI Panel 5.0 Multicam

This is the most updated version of the FORINGI Panel. Designed to fit all types of webbing (yes eve..

Ex Tax: £50.00

Odin CQ 2.0 MOLLE Magazine Pouch 5.56mm + Kydex

These Close Quarter MOLLE Magazine Pouch's have been adapted and designed to fit onto the shooters b..

Ex Tax: £25.00

Odin Drop Down Joey Lap Pouch

This Is the Little brother from the much loved Kangaroo Pouch which has proved immensely popular.&nb..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Odin Fragmentation Grenade Pouch

Usually this is known as a FRAG POUCH. Key Features are -Quick release clip (ITW Gillotex IR)Ve..

Ex Tax: £18.33
Odin GERI Low Profile Utility Pouch SOLD OUT

Odin GERI Low Profile Utility Pouch

Odin has released the smallest utility pouch you can find from their incredible range. Features..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Odin HARBARD Utility Pouch

This is a small utility pouch designed for a shooter belt but ultimately will fit all battle belts.&..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Odin Horizontal Utility Pouch

A perfectly Welcomed addition to your webbing set! compact in size to store your essentials, keeping..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Odin Kangaroo Pouch Multicam

Kangaroo Pouch with Full MOLLE compatibility. Very popular, Used as a space saver on plate carr..

Ex Tax: £33.33