Military Boots

Frontline specialise in high quality products, Altberg are by far a leading brand with every pair that are made the passion and attention to detail is their ultimate goal for you the customer to invest in proper footwear that will reward you time and time again. 

We also select the Highlander DELTA boots, these are a fantastic boot to suit your budget accordingly. These boots are sturdy and perfect for young Cadets. 

Frontline has access to many different brands of Boot footwear, so please feel free to contact us if you wish to locate a particular brand or style, we strive to accommodate our customers to the highest standard and hope you are satisfied with our customer service.  

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Altberg Base Boot PREORDER

Altberg Base Boot

The Base boot is a new development in the Altberg range – developed based on feedback from local sol..

Ex Tax: £162.49

Altberg Brown Sneeker

This is a very popular boot that is used for various activities including training, rapid deployment..

Ex Tax: £166.66
Altberg Desert Microlite PREORDER

Altberg Desert Microlite

Specifically made for hot weather, These are lightweight weight and highly durable as well as being ..

Ex Tax: £154.16
Altberg Jungle Microlite PREORDER

Altberg Jungle Microlite

This is classed by the MOD as a PT boot. It reknown for extreme comfort. They are a secure, bre..

Ex Tax: £166.66
Altberg Tabbing Boot PREORDER

Altberg Tabbing Boot

The tabbingboot is a new development in the Altberg range – developed based on feedback from local s..

Ex Tax: £166.66

Delta Patrol Boot Brown

military style Patrol Boot. These are BROWN! We often find these to be very popular with the ca..

Ex Tax: £54.13