Field Shelter

Field Shelter

Essential items for when your out on the field requiring shelter. This could be from tent pegs to Bivvy Bags! 

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Dragon Comms Reel

The Dragon Comms Reel is an Practical way for dispense and position your  Comms cord (Also for ..

Ex Tax: £10.83

HAWK Bivvy Bag Olive

Perfect for the simplistic traveller, no need to pack a tent when this does the job required! Have y..

Ex Tax: £63.33

Kestrel Bivvy Rip-Stop Bag Olive

Basic design, but will keep your dry, warm and comfortable through the night. features - L..

Ex Tax: £29.96

Klymit X Pillow

Extreme comfort alert - Get a great nights or day (depending of course) sleep with a pillow that act..

Ex Tax: £14.96

Military MTP Basha

Form an impromptu tent for quick coverage to gain shelter from the amenities you may face. Widely us..

Ex Tax: £24.96

Mini Pick/Shovel

The Mini Pick/Shovel is an essential must have for your travels.3 way folding shovel with built in p..

Ex Tax: £8.29

Nap-Pak Sleeping Mat

This is the Highlander Nap-Pak Sleeping Mat. available in Olive green colour. Keep to having ul..

Ex Tax: £41.66

Paracord Olive Green 30M

Widely used within the military but also handy for the civilion explorer. Olive Green Paracord 30M i..

Ex Tax: £4.99

Poncho - Olive

This is a U.S style Military Poncho, presented in Olive Green. The poncho is a handy garment to carr..

Ex Tax: £20.79

Screw Sleeve Carabiner

product specifications are -Black in colour D shape keylock system screw sleeve large..

Ex Tax: £12.92

Snugpak Jungle Hammock

This is the next level up from its sister which is the tropical Hammock. The Jungle Hammock has all ..

Ex Tax: £49.96

Snugpak Paratex Liner Olive

Extend the life of your sleeping bag by using the Snugpak Paratex Liner. Simply attach using the tie..

Ex Tax: £24.96

Snugpak Poly Cotton Liner

Get extra comfortable with the Poly Cotton Liner, A great addition to you travel bag to make your jo..

Ex Tax: £14.13

Stormsure Repair Adhesive

Waterproof clear flexible adhesive that glues just about anything to anything! Never fear as this wi..

Ex Tax: £6.66

Tent Pegs

Steel tent pegs which are mainly used for light tents and bashas etc. The Pegs are 175mm long a..

Ex Tax: £2.29

Woobie Poncho Liner In Multicamo

Keep nice and snug whatever the weather with the Woobie Poncho liner. Manufactured using Multicamo m..

Ex Tax: £29.13

Dragon Light Weight Tent Pegs

Dragon Supplies Lightweight tent pegs.....Ideal for Basha or field tent use. material - Alumini..

Ex Tax: £2.49

Self sealing Poly bags - assorted bags

High quality, self sealing assorted bags. simple as that! keep your belongings dry and separated wit..

Ex Tax: £3.33

Flourescent Tent Pegs

Fluorescent Hi-Vis Tent pegs (6 pack) Features - Rust ProofGlow in the dark, ABS cap with hookSolid ..

Ex Tax: £5.83

Mosquito/Midge Head Net

Practical head net, to keep those pesky critters out of your way. Super fine mesh netting, maki..

Ex Tax: £3.75