Health & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene

When out on the field on an exercise or abroad your Hygiene is important as well as you health. 


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Braun M-90 'on the go shaver'

Be in top form even whilst on an expedition or exercise. No ned to look messy guys. problem solved w..

Ex Tax: £16.66

Compact Wash Kit - BTP

Compact Wash Kit in BTP. Closed zip pouch containing Toothbrush and ToothpasteBody wash Shaving crea..

Ex Tax: £9.13

First Aid Kit in British Terrain Pattern

British Terrain Pattern First Aid Kit. presented in a compact zipped pouch with horizontal or vertic..

Ex Tax: £8.29

Micro Fibre Travel Towel Olive

These are a highly popular travel addition to your kit. Its lightweight, Super absorbent and hi..

Ex Tax: £7.49

Survival Kit

Made with a Plastic cover that's both durable and waterproof, it has a hinged lid and four locking t..

Ex Tax: £10.79

Tactical Whistle - Olive Green

Colour is Olive GreenSold separately Molle platform attachment and bungee cordMaterial is ABS p..

Ex Tax: £1.67

First Aid Bandage refill Pack

Lifesystems Bandage refill pack, High Quality re-sealable pack containing all you need bandage ..

Ex Tax: £8.33

Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief 50ml

This is an effective solution that will protect you on your travels, and unlucky to be the victim an..

Ex Tax: £4.99
Dental First Aid Kit SOLD OUT

Dental First Aid Kit

This is for Emergency treatment for your teeth as a temporary measure, until you can get to a profes..

Ex Tax: £12.49

Ice and Go Elastic Cold Bandage

used for Outdoor on the go injuries. for sprains and pains This acts like an Icepack. Rese..

Ex Tax: £6.67

Lifesystems Natural Insect Repellent

Our Natural Insect Repellent 30+ is formulated from a blend of natural plant oils derived from the L..

Ex Tax: £8.33

Emergency Blanket

It is  well known fact that wet or even damp clothing will take heat AWAY from your body. in Se..

Ex Tax: £6.24

lip Salve

Original care lip care. 12hour protection. intensively cares and protects your lips. ..

Ex Tax: £1.21

Lifesystems Sensitive Insect Repellent 100ml

Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellent giving you 8 hours of full protection. MID TO HIGH STRENGTHThi..

Ex Tax: £6.66

First Aid Fold Drybag 5.5l

Please note NO first aid items are included.This bag is a right mix of Durability and being waterpro..

Ex Tax: £9.17