Headwear And Scarves

Headwear And Scarves

Protect your head, keep it warm, out of harms way and the sun. whatever the circumstance we have the solution. 

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Bob Hat

Black Thermal Lined Hat.Give your head a treat and stay warm, 60% of body heat gets lost from your h..

Ex Tax: £2.92

Deluxe Hat Olive Green

Simple dual layered tight knot style 'bob' hat. Made with 100% Acrylic. One size Fits all ..

Ex Tax: £3.33

keela Recon Wrap

The keela Recon wrap is a closely stitched, soft brushed material multi purpose neck gaiter, balacla..

Ex Tax: £8.33

Navy Blue Commanders Beret

Commando All Arms Beret All Arms Blue Beret. available in different sizes from 52 to ..

Ex Tax: £21.67
operator Cap BTP New

operator Cap BTP

Modern British Terrain Pattern Operators cap. As per pictures you will see it has Velcro patche..

Ex Tax: £6.63

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Beanie

Perfect for Cold destinations like skiing. This hat three layers to it. 1. Warmth2. Durabi..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Special Forces Hat in BTP

This is a popular hat used in warm climates. Can be easily folded into pocket. Poly cotton Rips..

Ex Tax: £6.63

Thermal Fleece Headover

The head-over fleece is lightweight and breathable. With multifunctional uses this is a perfect acce..

Ex Tax: £7.08

Tactical Snood

Many practical uses for the Tactical Snood. Made with soft ELASTICATED cotton, keeping you warm..

Ex Tax: £3.29