Boot Accessories

Boot Accessories

Keeping your boots in good form will prolong their life and save you money in the long run. 

from polish to clothes we really try to give you the best products for your boots to make them shimmer and shine or dull down if need be! 

Plus, if you have a product idea of what you think will be great for us to sell please get in touch. We do like to stock what our customers love. 

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Aquabloc AKU Waterproof Spray -21% SOLD OUT

Aquabloc AKU Waterproof Spray

AKU Akuabloc 100 ml spray has been specifically designed for the care of AKU shoes: a spray that pro..

£11.95 £9.45
Ex Tax: £7.88

Large Boot Brush

Basic Classic 'Taking off' boot brush, wooden head with nylon bristles. Size Large. perfect to add t..

Ex Tax: £1.54

Leder-Gris Boot Wax Military Brown

Designed for everyday use. Protect and care for your feet - That means caring professionally for you..

Ex Tax: £2.92

LEDER-GRIS High Gloss Shine Brown

This as the Leder- Gris high shine gloss in brown. This is a very well known brand and is encouraged..

Ex Tax: £2.92

Selvyt Cloth

This is the military and other organisations alike number 1 go to for boot and equipment cleaning!wi..

Ex Tax: £3.33

Selvyt Cloth

Proved to be the firm favourite within the Military, regardless of which Rank you may be! Used ..

Ex Tax: £4.13