Check out a superb assortment of sleep equipment ready to rest your tired head. 

good sleep equals success. 

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Base Mat Self Inflate Large - HMTC

Large in length 1.83MT Mat In British Military Terrain Pattern. perfect for campers on a budget..

Ex Tax: £24.58

Base Mat Self-Inflate Olive -SMALL

Comfort on a budget, Idea for campers both Military and Campers alike. This will be sure to mak..

Ex Tax: £18.33

Dragon Folding Sleep Mat - Olive Green

Popular Nato sleep mat.Olive green in colour. Folds down flat, suitable for storing in your Bergen.&..

Ex Tax: £16.66

Dragon Heavy Duty Tent Pegs

Dragon Heavy Duty Tent pegs, sold in packs of four (4) Sturdy and strong..

Ex Tax: £3.33

Self-inflating Pillow HMTC

Self inflating pillow, keep comfort a priority whilst out in the wilderness. simple and durable..

Ex Tax: £6.66

Z Mat - Folding sleep mat - HMTC

Literally sleep anywhere, wherever you like. Ideal and designed for Military UseHard wearing, Durabl..

Ex Tax: £24.16

Bash Pole - Centurion LXT

Large basha poleSimple twist lock mechanism68-130cm..

Ex Tax: £9.99

Twist Lock Extending Bivi Pole

• Robust twist lock system • Extends from 50cm - 90cm • Made of lightweight aluminium • Sold indi..

Ex Tax: £6.25

Jungle Hammock with mosquito net

The jungle hammock is the perfect solution to your good nights sleep. This simple Hammock is st..

Ex Tax: £45.79

base xl self inflate mat olive

Ideal for camping whilst out in the good old open air! keeping you warm dry and comfortable. st..

Ex Tax: £29.99

base Mat self inflate - Small HMTC

Self inflating Base Mat in Multi Terrain pattern. Short length. Will keep you warm and com..

Ex Tax: £19.99

Dragon Basha Pole

Twist and lock for easiness closed length 54cm full length 92cmMaterial is Aluminium ..

Ex Tax: £8.29