Molle Pouches

Molle Pouches
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Close Quarter 5.56 mm Mag Pouch

Designed to fit 1 x 5.56mm Magazine (will hold metal or polymer magazines)features are rolled t..

Ex Tax: £19.17

HARBARD Utility Pouch

This is a small utility pouch designed for a shooter belt but ultimately will fit all battle belts.&..

Ex Tax: £33.33
Horizontal Utility Pouch Multicam SOLD OUT

Horizontal Utility Pouch Multicam

Features - YKK zipperfold back MOLLE attachment system water resistantberry compliantNear ..

Ex Tax: £26.67

Kangeroo Pouch Multicam

Kangaroo Pouch with Full MOLLE compatibility. Very popular, Used as a space saver on plate carr..

Ex Tax: £33.33

Odin BOLVERK Utility Pouch

We will just get right to it! This is a fab new Pouch designed by the best and as ever shows fantast..

Ex Tax: £29.17

Odin Fragmentation Grenade Pouch

Usually this is known as a FRAG POUCH. Key Features are -Quick release clip (ITW Gillotex IR)Ve..

Ex Tax: £18.33
ODIN Op Order Utility Pouch SOLD OUT

ODIN Op Order Utility Pouch

Designed for use on Modular belt systems, vest & rigs so the pouches do not sit too low and ..

Ex Tax: £45.83

Odin Under Mag Dump Pouch

This is a space saving pouch, reason being that it can roll up tightly to prevent wastage of space o..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Pocket Buddy

For everyday use, This is the perfect effective pocket sized organizer. Ideal for carrying and ..

Ex Tax: £7.46
Small Vertical Molle Utility Pouch Multicam SOLD OUT

Small Vertical Molle Utility Pouch Multicam

This is the Odin Small Vertical MOLLE utility pouch, with fold back mole attachments system with hoo..

Ex Tax: £20.83
Snigel GP Pouch 12 x 19 2 - 3 Days

Snigel GP Pouch 12 x 19

General purpose Utility pouch, easy to fit items such as binoculars, gloves and hats etcfeaturing a ..

Ex Tax: £22.50

TYR - Smoke Grenade Pouch Multicam

TYR tactical ordnance/ breaching pouch smoke grenadeMolle upright attachments to contain ONE militar..

Ex Tax: £22.50