Over Coats And Jackets

Over Coats And Jackets

Generally the 'Overcoat' is used for putting over your webbing etc. however this isn't always the case. Overcoats are generally larger in size to accommodate this. 

when selecting your usual size, we would perhaps suggest selecting a smaller size to avoid returning or disappointment. 

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 Keela MK4 Belay jacket SOLD OUT

Keela MK4 Belay jacket

This is the same as the prior belay, however this one is the new and upgraded version. This one..

Ex Tax: £175.00

Adventure Poncho HMTC

Perfect for fishing, raves or just outdoor activities. Made from waterproof nylon. Drawstr..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Field REPAIR Kit

Whilst out on the field away from home the last thing you need is to have snagged or ripped Jacket. ..

Ex Tax: £5.00
Keela Belay Mk4 - Black PREORDER

Keela Belay Mk4 - Black

This is the same as the prior belay, however this one is the new and upgraded version and in BLACKTh..

Ex Tax: £166.67

Keela Belay Waterproof SMOCK 4.0 MTC

This is the Fourth Generation Keela Belay Waterproof Jacket But in SMOCK version. Still offerin..

Ex Tax: £175.00
Keela Parachutist  Airborne Waterproof / Breathable Smock 4.0 SOLD OUT

Keela Parachutist Airborne Waterproof / Breathable Smock 4.0

Multi use smock, the ideal Jacket for both warm and cold environments. This Practical jacket wa..

Ex Tax: £183.33

Keela SF jacket MK4 - MTC

Just like the MK1 BUT NOW EVEN BETTER!This jacket will serve you, giving ultimate protection Having ..

Ex Tax: £175.00

Keela THOR Jacket

Here it is the latest and greatest jacket brought to you by KEELA. This will give ultimate prot..

Ex Tax: £220.83
Keela VALI Jacket - MTC SOLD OUT

Keela VALI Jacket - MTC

This Jackets key function is that it was designed to zip into the Para Jacket as a Mid-Layer making ..

Ex Tax: £120.83

Microlight Alpine Jacket - Black

This is an ideal light weight jacket designed to minimalize packing, weight yet resilient to cold we..

Ex Tax: £162.50

Patriot jacket BTP

Made with tactical shark skin, ideal for all weather conditions. Velcro I.D patches on each arm..

Ex Tax: £49.96
Keela Gilet multicam -19% 2 - 3 Days

Keela Gilet multicam

The Odin Zip-In Gilet was designed in conjunction with the Keela SF Parachutist Smock. The Gilet use..

£80.00 £65.00
Ex Tax: £54.17